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Our Story

We're a group of educators, educational technologists, business developers, and researchers that have all noticed something. There's something broken about adopting a new curriculum. Whether it comes in the shape and form of a textbook, OER, digital curriculum, or kit after two years we've found schools don't continue using their adopted programs. 

Why is that? 

Recently we met with a district that created their own program but then decided not to use it! We asked this the question, "Why would you do that?" 

Their answer was simple, they didn't have the bandwidth, money, or time to bring their creation to life and scale it across the district. There were a few content pieces missing and they had no way to evaluate the effectiveness of what they made. We thought this was a shame and believed other schools might be able to benefit from their work. (More about that later). 

But, what we want to figure out now, is how can we bring districts like this one, from something they've created, to something they deploy and refine over time, in their school district. Also, we want to figure out how we can get districts working together, towards commonly shared goals to improve 21st century classroom environments. We believe we have some of the parts of the secret recipe together now, but need help from you to complete it and build toward better outcomes for schools, to engage in their own creative enterprises and take ownership over their creations. We also believe, nobody wants textbooks and that at the heart of teaching is the ability for educators to share their passions with students. 

Let's put the trust back into the hands of educators. We want to build this with your help and we're listening, what do you think? 

The Build Teach Learn Team 




Build your dream program for your students using a combination of your own lessons and our vast library of vetted content from other districts and developers ranked using common assessment data. 



Teach the program using google classrooms or our push to print option.



Compare your data using our common assessments across all users of our platform in a worldwide PLC to make changes after each module for continuous sustained instructional improvement.  

What do you want to build?

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